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Abbreviation: IJIASR | ISSN (Print): 2602-4810 | ISSN (Online): 2602-4535 | DOI: 10.29329/ijiasr

Cilt 5 Sayı 1 (Mart 2021)

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Sayı Bilgileri | Uluslararası Fen Araştırmalarında Yenilikçi Yaklaşımlar Dergisi Cil. 5 (1)
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ss. i - vi   |  DOI: 10.29329/ijiasr.2021.338


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Orjinal Araştırma Makaleleri

Orjinal Araştırma Makalesi | Uluslararası Fen Araştırmalarında Yenilikçi Yaklaşımlar Dergisi Cil. 5 (1)
Evaluation of BACTECTM FX Blood Culture System for Rapid Sterility Testing of Human Medicinal Solutions for Infusion

Ferhat Yıldırım, Umur Kumrulu, Elif Kumrulu, Esma Yazar, Meryem Kuşcu, Gizem Antika & Tugba Boyunegmez Tumer

ss. 1 - 13   |  DOI: 10.29329/ijiasr.2021.338.1


Human medicinal products for infusion should be tested for sterility at various stages of manufacturing including the final step before marketing. Conventional sterility methods recommended in pharmacopeia need a 14 days incubation period in order to get reliable analytical results. However, rapid alternative methods based on automated detection of microbial growth have the advantage of taking only 5 days for sterility testing of medicinal products which can be very important especially during pandemics and emergency conditions. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the microbial detection potential and capacity of the BACTEC FX system for the rapid sterility testing of Paracerol, a 10 mg/mL paracetamol containing pediatric medicine for infusion, and to specify time required for the detection of a variety of microorganisms. Accordingly, the results showed that there were no significant differences between the BACTEC and conventional membrane filtration methods for detecting contamination. All positive/negative controls and all samples intentionally contaminated with microorganisms were determined correctly by using both methods. BACTEC FX system detected all microorganisms including slow growers significantly faster than the membrane filtration method (p<0.05). This system can be considered as a rapid alternative over conventional sterility methods for the release of human medicinal products for infusion to the markets especially under emergency conditions. However, for each particular products, validation steps should be executed according to European Pharmacopoeia by using a broad range of microorganisms.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Rapid Sterility Test, BACTEC Method, Paracetamol, Membrane Filtration

Derleme Makaleleri

Derleme Makalesi | Uluslararası Fen Araştırmalarında Yenilikçi Yaklaşımlar Dergisi Cil. 5 (1)
Vegetable and Fruit Waste Production Related to Consumption in Turkey and Certain Middle East Countries

Seyhun Yurdugül & Hawnaz Othman Najmalddin

ss. 14 - 28   |  DOI: 10.29329/ijiasr.2021.338.2


Vegetable and fruit wastes (VFW) comprise a large portion of wastes that contribute to pollution in different ways. This is because there is a large demand for such perishable products by all countries. The Turkish economy was mostly depending on agriculture before 40 years ago but due to globalization this has been changed into industrialization. Even though the industrialization dominates, the consumption of fruits and vegetables has been in an increasing trend in Turkey and its environs. The usage of such resources can be regulated by governments and organizations to avoid overusing them. Also, there are many ways for treating such inevitable wastes. To mention a few, extracting pigment, antioxidants, pesticides, producing single-celled proteins, enzymes, biofertilizers, green energy, and many others from the wastes can be done.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Agro-Industrial Wastes, Pollution, Global Food Demand